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April 2024


Seaflight Technologies Inc. and Airhart Aeronautics Inc. partner to bring advanced flight controls to Seaflight prototypes.

Airhart and Seaflight will also explore collaboration on potential future DoD projects.


Seaflight Technologies has partnered with Airhart Aeronautics Inc. (Long Beach, California) to bring advanced flight controls to upcoming prototypes of its ultra-efficient drones. Airhart's mission is to create general aviation aircraft that are easy for anyone to fly, replacing traditional controls with a modern interface and fly-by-wire. "Airhart have shown that they are experts in the flight controls space through demonstrating their own fly-by-wire systems inside rapid development timeframes. They understand what it takes to develop reliable and unique software for aviation and that's exactly why Seaflight is teaming up", said Seaflight founder and CEO Graham Doig.

The two companies will collaborate on an upcoming half-scale cargo drone prototype that is the culmination of Seaflight's work to create a simple, reliable, cost effective electric drone. The partnership also extends to Seaflight supporting Airhart's moves into the Defense Tech space. Both of these LA-based companies emerged from the storied Y Combinator accelerator in Silicon Valley, and are simultaneously advancing the goal of a safe, efficient, 21st century ecosystem of software-defined aviation.


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