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This is how a new layer in logistics is born.

Seaflight's electric drones are the first to offer the range, payload
and affordability to deliver same-day air cargo with no green premium.

Seaflight's long range electric cargo drone

The AURAE electric cargo drone

Up to 800km / 500 mi of  range

Space for three pallets

Operate from rough fields less than 500ft

Aviation needs to decarbonize.

But upcoming first generation electric aircraft are




                  range limited

   the entire history of flight, this has never been a winning formula.

Radical efficiency is the key.

When everyone has access to the same batteries, motors, and materials, what can really make the difference to range and payload?

Drone Delivery
with Seaflight
60 min

Seaflight's Aurae long range electric cargo drone flies over the Australian outback

Revolutionary aerodynamics.


Seaflight brings step-change aerodynamic efficiency to simple form factors that suit today's operations and manufacturing techniques.


No other miracles needed.

An  aerodynamic  breakthrough

Seaflight has developed an aerodynamic flow control system that works for any fixed wing aircraft, but is especially suited to electric and hybrid platforms. It makes ultra-high lift when needed, and ultra-efficiency the rest of the time.

It's proven technology, going first into our drones, then larger aircraft built by us and our customers.

And you don't need to just take our word for it.


Our R&D was backed by :



Helping the air work harder


Seaflight's Aerodynamic Flow Control energizes the air flowing over the wings, helping it stay attached at angles that would otherwise be impossible


Ultra-short takeoff and landing

Flow control means high lift is generated at takeoff and landing, so extreme short field operations are possible without the cost, mass and complexity of adding more propulsion.



Wings normally have to be large for takeoff, whether by themselves or with heavy multi-element flap arrangements. With our lightweight flow control, the wings can now be slim and high aspect-ratio, dramatically improving cruise range thanks to reduced drag.


Seriously efficient cruise

 About Seaflight

Seaflight Technologies was founded in 2022 with a mission to accelerate an electric and equitable future for aviation. The flightpath hasn't been a straight line, but the destination has always been the same.

Backed by world-class venture.

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Dr. Graham Doig, Seaflight CEO
  • LinkedIn

Founder / CEO

Dr. Graham C. Doig

Graham is a PhD in aerodynamics who led the aero team at Canoo, and worked on projects with NASA, Tesla, and the US Navy. As a Lockheed Martin-endowed professor he published over 90 papers on aerodynamics. He designed 2 cars that broke electric land speed records, and one that didn't.

"Myself and Will Sutton built the first prototypes in our garages, this was before we even got into YC. Some bits of plane are still in there. We were obsessed with the idea that if you could make an electric plane just dramatically more efficient using aerodynamics, then you'd start to get the range that'll make it viable so much sooner than anyone expects. Then it'll take on that air of inevitability that happened with cars as soon as the Model S arrived"    

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