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Seaflight delivers air cargo using the world's most efficient drones

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Q: Are you a logistics company, a robotics company, or an aircraft company?
A: Yes.


Watch Seaflight's world-first ultra-low altitude flights over the open ocean


Developing aerodynamic tech to accelerate electric flight

It wasn't possible before.
It is now.

Equitable tech that improves cost,
access, and emissions.

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Seaflight's first network service connects islands and coastal communities with our remote-piloted electric wingships - sometimes called "wing in ground effect" craft.

They're a cross between a plane and a boat. They can take off and land on water, and fly at ultra-low altitude for enhanced efficiency - within a wingspan of the sea.

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Ultra-efficient flight means low energy needs

Advanced sense-and-avoid technology means safe operation

Maritime regulations rather than aviation


Partner With Us

Seaflight is demonstrating prototype wingship service on a limited selection of island routes in 2024.


If you want Seaflight to come to your region, get in touch!

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About Seaflight


Seaflight is accelerating the electric and equitable future of flight


Seaflight was founded on the way in to the Y Combinator Summer '22 batch. We're backed by world-class venture capital firms and the National Science Foundation.

Our team comes with experience at the cutting edge of aviation, robotics, materials, and electric mobility, having worked on major projects with

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February 2022

First prototypes built in the garages of founders Dr. Graham Doig and Will Sutton.

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June 2022

Seaflight Technologies Inc. formally founded on the way in to Y Combinator's summer batch, Demo Day September 2022.

April 2023

National Science Foundation award to develop cutting-edge ultra-high lift technology for all electrified aircraft

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December 2023

Year-long Sub-scale prototype program completed with successful world's first remote-piloted ground effect flights over the open ocean, in Australia

About Seaflight

proudly backed by

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Seaflight is located in Carson, California, about halfway between LAX and the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.

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